Benjamin Perlin - Photographer and Volunteer

Benjamin Perlin

An avid photographer, Benjamin Perlin pursues a passion for capturing experience in images. He particularly enjoys thinking of the moment when the light enters the box of the camera and imprints an image on film, which, after developing and printing, becomes permanent and tangible. Benjamin Perlin makes primary use of film cameras for this reason, as well as for his love of the developing process and the skill that it requires.

Benjamin Perlin currently owns four film cameras, including a 1966 Zeiss Ikon Contessa that he purchased from a bookseller. He also owns a Nikon F2, a Nikkormat, and a Fujica Compact Deluxe, as well as a Nikon D300 for those situations that call for digital photography. He nurtures a fascination for the science that makes each camera work, as well as for the art that guides his eye when he works.

Also dedicated to serving others in his community, Benjamin Perlin serves as a stock and sales team member at the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. There, he assists in the sale of discounted building products, the revenue from which supports Habitat's outreach work. He is also a regular volunteer at the Tennessee State Veterans Home, where he spends time with those who have served their country.